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Our approach to surgery is simple: Provide the patient with the best care possible. At Montclair Veterinary Hospital, our medical protocols include pre- and post-operative treatment of pain in order to promote patient comfort and healing.

Our staff veterinarians perform the majority of the surgical procedures at MVH. Sometimes, however, the doctor may feel a board-certified veterinarian who specializes in a particular kind of surgery may better serve the patient in the surgical procedures. In this case, we may refer the patient to a board-certified surgeon who will operate either at MVH or schedule a surgery off-site at a referral hospital. Our veterinarians decide what is best for the patient on a case-by-case basis.

Sometimes surgery is inevitable. Surgery can be necessary whether your pet is being spayed or neutered or needs surgery to correct a problem or remove cancer.

The doctors and staff at Montclair Veterinary Hospital take our responsibilities in surgery seriously, and we take every safety precaution possible during all procedures. Our surgical suite provides us with highly advanced anesthesia and anesthesia monitoring, and a heated surgical table. We use equipment and supplies that are generally found in high-quality human hospitals.

The doctors at Montclair Veterinary Hospital are highly-trained professionals and are excellent surgeons. Surgical care and treatment begins upon admission to the hospital and does not end until the animal is fully recovered from its procedure. When necessary, a board-certified specialist can be consulted or utilized for special or unusual cases.

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