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In recent years, veterinary medicine has become more and more like human medicine with respect to the availability of specialists. Because we are fortunate enough to live in the Bay Area, we are able to provide our clients and patients with the benefits of multiple veterinary specialists. Some of these specialists provide on-site consultations by appointment.


Our board-certified radiologist provides our hospital with expert interpretation of all digital x-rays taken at our hospital. This invaluable service allows us to get the most information possible out of taking x-rays and to get professionally interpreted results to you.

In addition, we provide ultrasonography services. Sometimes an ultrasound can provide more (and different) information than x-rays. Although many hospitals offer ultrasound, this diagnostic option is most informative and successful when in the hands of a specialist. This invaluable service for our patients very commonly helps to diagnose problems that would otherwise be highly difficult, if not impossible, to find otherwise.

Other Specialties

Many veterinary specialists are available in the Bay Area. Specialists in internal medicine, dermatology, ophthalmology, neurology and other areas are available to us via telephone consultation and outside referral. The doctors of Montclair Veterinary Hospital have an excellent working relationship with our local referral hospitals and UC Davis, and we can usually get our patients seen by a specialist within 24 to 48 hours.We work with several emergency and specialty hospitals and, as such, have many specialty options to choose from and recommend.

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