Complementary Medicine

All forms of medical and surgical practice have limitations. There are the diseases we can cure, those we can control for a period of time, and those which are beyond our abilities. This is a fact of medical practice, be it veterinary or human.

Conventional Western medical practice tends to focus on a specific diagnosis, or disease, and then aims to treat that disease through drugs or surgery. Countless lives have been saved by Western medicine and everyone living in today’s society has benefited from these modern advances.

Given these facts, when conventional medicine fails or is undesirable, there are alternatives. A holistic approach to health care treats the body as a whole, rather than as a collection of parts. Holistic care often includes treatment modalities such as acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal therapy, and other non-invasive treatments. Often, holistic care can improve the quality of life of patients who have not done well with conventional medicine or may have had unwanted side effects on medications.

Neither Western medicine nor holistic medicine is the answer to every health problem. Where one is unsuccessful, the other often excels. The key is in the successful integration of the two.

To learn more about holistic health care for pets, visit our Holistic Veterinary Care website or drop by our facility on Piedmont Avenue.

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